Friday, January 30, 2009

Class of 2009 Salaries Are Flat

NACE’s Winter 2009 Salary Survey report shows that starting salary offers to the college Class of 2009 are flat, with average offers hovering at or near those for the Class of 2008. (See .)

The “norm” over the past several years has been for average salaries to new college graduates to increase each year. In fact, the average offer to a bachelor’s degree grad from the Class of 2008 was 4 percent higher than the average offer to the same type of grad from the Class of 2007. The average offer to the Class of 2009 grad, however, shows virtually no movement.

That “flatness” can be seen within specific disciplines, too. Even degrees deemed “in demand” by employers are seeing little in the way of salary increases. Consider the case of computer science grads: Last year at this time, as a group, grads earning degrees in the computer science disciplines saw their average increase 8 percent over the previous year. This year, these “in demand” grads are averaging slightly less than they did a year ago.

Some perspective: This is NACE’s first salary report for the Class of 2009, and the offers reported at this time represent just a small portion of what we can expect for this year’s grads.


  1. You have stats for Finance, but not Economics majors. I thought you were doing two different categories now?

  2. In the report, we do separate economic and finance majors. We did not include the information for economics grads in Figure 2 as data are limited at this time; the majors that are listed in the figure are not only top-paid majors but also have significant number of offers reported.

  3. As an FYI, the salary data that we do have for Economics majors indicates a drop in the average salary offer for this year of approximately 4 percent.

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