Thursday, February 12, 2009

Follow up: Strategies for Delivering Career Services in a Down Economy

On Thursday, February 12, 600+ career centers took part in NACE's free web seminar to discuss providing critical services in a challenging environment. (Note a free archive of the session will be available shortly; the link will be posted on the NACE home page at Two important pieces for follow up:

* NACE Foundation Funding Great Ideas: At the opening of the seminar, NACE President Manny Contomanolis announced that the NACE Foundation is offering two (2), $1,000 prizes for the best examples of programs, strategies, or practices developed and launched as a result of the current financial crisis. One award will go to an employer for a college relations/recruiting initiative; the other will go to a college career center for the best career development initiative. For details, see

More Questions/Comments: Although the seminar included a healthy Q&A session, there were more questions and comments that couldn't be addressed during the live session. As result, we're posting them here, and inviting your responses and comments:

Do you anticipate downward pressure on wages?

What are some of the growing markets?

Have you all seen a large increase in rescinded offers?

To those schools that reduced employer registration costs for career fairs: Did it actually increase participation?

How effective has the electronic resume book been when used by employers?

Can you discuss specific ways to reach out to alumni?

Comment: In the UK, the advice has been for grads to take lower paid jobs--check out

Comment: This may be the time to stop thinking about how to get students into our offices but rather how do we get out to them, e.g., use web technology to reach them.

Comment: Regarding students attending in-person evetns: Our experience at Saddleback College is that they want to be able to access events/services online at all times of the day/evening.

Post your responses, comments, and ideas. Keep the discussion going!


  1. I'll comment on some of the questions that can be addressed through our surveys. First, there was a question submitted that asked whether the respondents to the survey came from both large and small schools. Respondents came from schools in proportion to their membership in NACE. Since there are more small than big schools in our membership the majority of respondents to the survey came from small schools. That was also true of private as opposed to public institutions. The point to remember is that we made sure there was an adequate representation for all types of schools.

    Regarding downward pressure on salaries, there is an indication from the Winter Salary Survey that average salaries will not increase this year. However, there is little indication that there will be a dramatic drop in new graduate salaries. We will know better as more offer information comes in.

    Rescinded Offers: The early results from Job Outlook - Spring do indicate an increase in rescinded offers but the amount being rescinded still seems quite low.

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